The Vomie Vomie!

The Vomie Vomie!
Baby Care

Vomiting is the most common reflex that babies have. Right from the time they are born to atleast six months, vomiting is as usual as passing urine and stool. In the initial days after the birth, you will see that that the baby is most likely to throw up the moment you feed him. So, the best way to avoid this is to burp the baby well.

When the baby is not able to digest the milk properly, he starts throwing up. Rub his back slowly, and you will see that the vomiting bouts will reduce quite a bit. But, in any case if you notice that your baby is vomiting even without feeds and at the same time is cranky, and restless, please check with the doctor immediately. Also, make sure the baby stays hydrated. It is important that at this age nothing should be allowed to aggregate because the baby’s immune system is low, and it takes time to develop.

While vomiting is absolutely normal in babies, still for the greater good it is important to have a check on it as and when happens. There is no harm in being careful with even mundane things with regard to infants.