Tip To Prepare Your Baby To Sleep Alone

Tip To Prepare Your Baby To Sleep Alone
10m to 1y
  • Inculcating healthy sleeping habits early will help your little one be more independent. Help your child sleep on his own by creating a consistent bedtime routine. This is great to promote sleep as your baby gets the message it’s time to sleep now. 
  • Limit distractions. Create an environment where its low lighting and no noise. 
  • Stick to the same bed time and in the same place every night. 
  • If your little one is facing separation anxiety, comfort him and give him ample assurance that “Mom is closeby. No need to worry.” In case he gets up in the middle of the night, gently pat him. He will fall back asleep.  Avoid putting on the main lights or talking to him. Also, consider tucking two large pillows on the sides of your baby so that your baby feels safe. Put a sheet on the pillows and lay your baby inside the sandwich but on top of the sheet. This way there is no danger that the pillows will accidentally cover your baby. Supervise for the first few days and don't leave your baby completely alone.
  • Sleeping on own takes time for your baby. So have patience. Please remember your ultimate goal is to get your cutiepie to sleep on his own and work consistently towards attaining the goal.