Tips To Develop Your Baby's Memory

Tips To Develop Your Baby's Memory
7m to 10m

Your little one’s brain is now developing at a rapid pace. The more stimulation you provide, the better will be the development. One vital aspect of brain development is honing your kid’s memory skills.

By now, your baby is beginning to understand object permanence. This is basically the concept that an object or person still exists even after leaving his line of sight. Show your child a favorite toy, and then turn him away so he can't see it. If your baby turns his head or body to look for the toy, praise him and help him get it. 

You can also play peek-a-boo to help your baby learn that you come back when you go away. The child is learning that you exist even when they can't see you. This will help your child with separation issues when you need to leave him for short periods of time.