Tips To Improve Your Premature Baby's Immune System

Tips To Improve Your Premature Baby's Immune System
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Your premature baby may have underdeveloped immune system which means the blood cells and antibodies are not developed properly to fight body infections and are vulnerable to any kind of infection.

These few tips will really help you to take absolute care of your baby:
1. Avoid over crowded places since your child is more prone to infection.
2. Do not allow too many people in his room and if possible put an air purifier in the room.
3. Before going near your child or picking him up, wash your hands and face and don’t forget to put a mask over your mouth in order to avoid the breath.
4. Tulsi drops are meant to boost immunity amongst all age groups thus wash the leaves properly and take out 2-3 drops to the expressed milk.
5. Try for a month or two to exclusively breastfeed instead on formula milk. Since he won’t be able to sleep for too long you need to have loads of patience and effort to take care.
6. Make sure to have only home cooked fresh food with loads of water and fruits.