Tips To Make Bathing Fun For Your Child

Tips To Make Bathing Fun For Your Child
7m to 10m
Health & Hygiene

If your kid is like most other children, she is sure to love playing with water at this point! So bath times are an especially joyful time for her. Let her have her fun, but be sure to maintain adequate precautions so that she can splash about happily.

Take note of the temperature of the bath water before putting your child in. Test the temperature on the inside of your elbow – it should be at blood temperature, so it should feel just warm. No one likes sudden temperature changes and remember your baby's skin is very tender, so very hot water could harm her skin.

Provide plenty of play activities and toys; for example, rubber ducks, plastic fishes, waterproof bath books, etc. You can even put in some baby bath foam. Never leave your child unattended in the bath even for a minute.