Tips To Prevent Your Premature Baby from Gastrointestinal Trouble

Tips To Prevent Your Premature Baby from Gastrointestinal Trouble
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Your premature baby may often develop gastrointestinal problems due to which he is unable to suck properly and swallows with great difficulty. It can be painful for your child and you as a parent to witness him suffer.

Thus these tips may help you with the same:
1. Since the intestine and esophagus are poorly developed always breastfeed your child instead of formula milk due to his inability to digest the same.
2. Your warmness and touch is a natural healer, if possible keep your child onto your chest so he gets the warmth and love of you, a mother which has been proved to speed up growth and recovery.
3. Always let your child burp after the feed so that if something is undigested he can spit it up.
4. Avoid fried and spicy junk food as it will create acid reflux which is very harmful for your baby.
5. Be in regular contact with the pediatric for the proper growth chart, eating habits and motions.
6. Drink loads of water and eat fruits which are high fibrous diet and helps in better digestion in your kid.
7. Do not neglect any symptom related to weight gain, feeding and if he appears to be agitated, sick or has trouble breathing or denies anything for eating do visit a doctor immediately.
8. Always be sure to keep some prescribed medications ready at home during the times of emergency.