Trick To Deal With Baby's Sensitivity To Light

Trick To Deal With Baby's Sensitivity To Light
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At this age, your baby is very sensitive to her environment and any changes that the environment will have will have repercussions on your little one, as her mechanisms to adapt to the environment are still developing.

Thus, as parents you will need to ensure to keep a vigilant eye on your little one’s surroundings.

1. Make sure that your child’s surroundings are not too bright. As adults, our eyes develop reflexes, which protect the neural layer of the eye to be excessively stimulated by incoming light. These reflexes are yet to be developed in your little one at this age, hence you should ensure that your child is not exposed to excessive light or be near bright light sources at this age as this may damage her little eyes. Keeping your child in an adequately lit room and appropriately covered way to avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful loss of body heat is a great practice that you should develop in taking care of your child at the moment

2. If your little one is scheduled to undergo UV-B treatment to treat neonatal jaundice, ensure that her eyes are properly covered to avoid exposure to harmful UV radiation, as what is therapeutic to your child’s excessive jaundice will harm her little eyes.

3. If the circumstances are extraneous wherein the lighting of the surroundings cannot be controlled, using blinds for your little one is always a great idea than having her eyes exposed to long hours of excessive lighting, potentially damaging your little one’s eyes.

4. Ensuring that your child is not exposed to excessive lighting protects her little eyes and ensures that she doesn’t develop long or short term vision problems resulting in the same.