Try Reasoning With Your Kid During A Tantrum

Try Reasoning With Your Kid During A Tantrum
  • Reasoning with your child at this age will not work as she is very small to understand about it and has her entire mind fixed on the meltdown. 
  • Concrete commands work at this age.  If the tantrum has just started, try to divert her attention because when it comes to dealing with a child's tantrums you must adhere to it from the very beginning to avoid problems in the long run. 
  • If it is at the peak, ignore the behaviour until it stops. However, be calm and consistent in your approach in such situations. It seems difficult but can worsen the situation if you lose your cool.
  • As far as possible don’t disrupt your child’s schedule. Sometimes being overtired or hungry may be the reason for the crying and whinning. 
  • Never include any pay-off for the tantrum. On the other hand, praise her good behaviour when she has been able to manage her emotions well. Your positive tone will do wonders for her.