Understanding Spit Ups And Vomiting

Understanding Spit Ups And Vomiting
10m to 1y
Health & Hygiene
  • Spitting is a rather common occurrence in babies than vomiting. You will find your baby spitting several times a day with little dribbles coming out of the mouth. However, vomiting is more forceful and is large quantity with both solid and liquid. Check with your doctor if your baby vomits frequently.
  • Your baby’s stomach is small. When she is  9 to 12 months old, she will need on an average 3  feedings per day with about 7-8 fl oz average amount of feed per feeding. At times, you may observe she spits out. This happens when she eats too much, during burp or when she swallows too much air. It is not painful to her. You can reduce the spiting episodes by holding her in an upright position while feeding, burping after 1-2 ounces of feed and avoiding too much activity after feed. 
  • During vomiting, spitting becomes more forceful and the output is more and causes discomfort to your baby. If your baby vomits more than once, consult the doctor. Frequent vomits can cause dehydration and babies under 1 year are at a greater risk to this condition. The signs of dehydration are feeling very tired, little saliva, sunken eyes, fewer wet diapers than normal, dry skin.