Washing Your Newborn's Clothes

Washing Your Newborn's Clothes
Health & Hygiene

Your little wonder from day one has mastered the art of generating quite a pile of soiled laundry. Just as you carefully choose the right fabric for his clothing, you must carefully wash them too. 

Select the right detergent- Using a harsh detergent can irritate his skin and cause allergies. Sometimes washing your baby’s clothes with a dilute solution of shampoo could be more effective than using harsh soaps.

You can always opt for baby specific detergents available in the market if you find regular detergents too harsh.

Use warm water - It is good to wash your baby’s clothes in water which is 30 to 40 degrees warm; it will effectively help sterilizing his clothes.

Using the machine- Make it a point to wash your baby’s clothes separately from the regular load of adult clothes. This will help you to wash your baby’s clothes in a customized way by following a separate washing cycle and detergents.