Waving Goodbye Is A Sign Of Growing Emotional Security

Waving Goodbye Is A Sign Of Growing Emotional Security
  • Around this time, separation anxiety starts for your baby. He now understands you are the person who gives him the comfort, love, care, sense of security and your little one can’t accept you to be away even for sometime. A good bye ritual and assurances from you will ease this process. 
  • Initially it is surely a challenge but by being consistent and firm, it is attainable. 
  • If you are dropping your baby at Grandma’s place or leaving her with a family member, follow a good-bye ritual. Don’t sneak away. Keep a happy, confident face and give her the assurance that you are going to come back soon.  Wave a good-bye and ask her to do the same. “Say goodbye to Mom too.” Once she starts responding , it is an indication that she has got  the message that going to a place and coming back are normal experiences. There is nothing to panic about. However, this takes time and patience.
  • Above all, please don’t feel guilty or low as you wave goodbye to your child. Never show these feelings. You are working towards her emotional well-being and this is a part of her growing up process.