Weaning Issues? - Here's The Key!

Weaning Issues? - Here's The Key!
6m to 9m
  • Weaning should not be something that puts you and your baby under a lot of pressure; rather make it fun and stress free. Experiment a lot with textures, tastes and smells; for example, dry rusk, soft banana mash, crunchy and juicy carrot sticks, etc.
  • Variation is the key. Also, do not stop breast feeding or regular bottle feeds just because you have started to wean. Since kids can take a lot of liking and dislike to various fruits, you can add them with milk to make them more likeable.
  • Mash, puree and paste should be tried out to test which ones your baby likes more. Don't be in a haste though during this whole process, since your baby has been more acclimatized to breast milk and quite naturally for him, it is likely to be a little difficult to directly adapt to other foods with weaning. So, follow the ''slow and steady'' process and you and your baby shall face no problem during this phase.