What Are The Right Kind Of Books To Buy For Your Little Bookworm?

What Are The Right Kind Of Books To Buy For Your Little Bookworm?
5m to 8m
  • Your baby's language skills have already started developing and making the little one indulge more into books would be of great help! Apart from regular kiddie books, it is also a great idea to buy board books, touch and feel books, musical books for the little one. 
  • Your baby will love these interactive books. Never choose flimsy, expensive books as they are prone to tearing by your little one. Also, ensure that the book is free from harmful chemicals, pins and glue as your baby probably loves putting everything into their mouth.
  • Quite a few interactive learning books have started coming in the market for the babies who are old enough to pick up basic words, colours and objects.You can add these books to her regular stock of kiddie book collection.
  • Once the baby is old enough to identify and differentiate between shapes, colours and objects, you can introduce more interactive lessons in their curriculum by adding learning tools such as, a board book or a musical book which brighten up the learning process a tad bit more.
  • Encourage the child to touch and feel the object in order to identify what it is and name it. This will not only increase their ability to identify various objects visually but they will also learn to pronounce their names verbally. You can always reward them with some healthy treats as a way of encouragement. But make sure the treat follows the good work as a reward and not as a bribe. This will motivate the child to do better in everything.