What Causes Bloating In Your Little One?

What Causes Bloating In Your Little One?
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Bloating is common among infants, as they have a lot of air built up in their stomach. Foremilk also causes bloating. You must take care of your baby's food habits. However, if you find your baby extremely cranky and passing continuous gas, please see a doctor for an early relief. Normally after being fed, it is natural for the infant to feel bloated.

As a practice you can put her on your shoulders and softly pat her back till she makes a burping sound. This will ensure that any excess air that was remaining in her stomach post feeding is relieved. Keep a keen eye on what suits your baby and what not. Certain food items may not suit your infant and cause her to develop gas. If you notice a pattern in this, make sure to avoid such food items. However, if bloating continues it is always best to consult a paediatrician.