What Not To Do If Your Baby Has Got Sudden Rashes

What Not To Do If Your Baby Has Got Sudden Rashes
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Most of the rashes during this age are harmless. Hence, its not a panicky situation. However, do not opt for any over the counter remedies without knowing the actual cause of the rash. This would only make the situation worse. Do not make her wear tight clothes that rubs against the skin. Avoid physical allergens and foods that she is allergic to.

Avoid rubbing or scratching the rash and using ointments. You can put soft gloves on the child hands at night so that she does not scratch the rash. Trim your child’s nails regularly. 

  • If it’s a diaper rash, try keeping the skin dry. Change diapers regularly. 
  • If it’s a heat rash, try providing a cool and less humid environment in the room. 
  • If its an acne, just do a normal wash using plain water. 
  • If its eczema, avoid hot, long baths and let her wear loose fitting cotton clothes. Try to keep the skin moisturized. 
  • In case the rash turns more red or fever comes in, please contact the paediatrician soon.