What Not To Do When Your Baby Is Extra Fussy

What Not To Do When Your Baby Is Extra Fussy
2m to 5m
  • Never forcefully try to calm your baby by shaking them vigorously or making a lot of noise around them. This will only aggravate their fussiness further. 
  • Also, shaking a baby too hard can be dangerous. Different babies are soothed in different ways. Try out various things and find out which one suits your baby best.
  • When your little one is behaving too fussy, do not enter a state which aggravates his temperament further.
  • Most parents try to shake the baby with continuous patting; this practice is totally wrong. Every child has a different mechanism which allows them to calm down. You can take the help of your little one’s favorite toy to sooth him patiently. If not this, take him out for a stroll that will keep him distracted.
  • You as a parent need to maintain a smile that would surely work to quickly transform your little one’s mood. Take the help of musical toys which are loved by young infants and it will surely help in soothing your child.