What To Keep In Mind Regarding Antibiotics For Your Kid

What To Keep In Mind Regarding Antibiotics For Your Kid
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Always keep in mind that minor common illnesses of your baby should be allowed to heal without antibiotics to build up the child’s immunity. Also, if you are forced to resort to antibiotics as the only solution, always follow the antibiotics schedule as outlined by your pediatrician; that is, before or after meals, timings of medication, number of times each day, etc. Your child’s antibiotic course should never be continued indefinitely or stopped abruptly without the advice of the doctor.

It is natural for parents to be concerned with the minor illness of their infants. However, an infant’s body is surprisingly well equipped to ward off the common diseases than we realise. This is a part of their immunity building. In case of an illness that has taken hold of the child, get her checked by a paediatrician and follow the advice religiously. While their immune system is still building up, in case of introducing new medicines in their body, it is very important that the same is done with extreme care and under the scrutiny of the doctor. This will prevent any unnecessary complications that may otherwise crop up.