When Can Your Baby Start Solid Foods?

When Can Your Baby Start Solid Foods?

Your baby like other babies at this stage should be breast or bottle fed exclusively for the first few months. Your baby should be ready for solid foods when she is 5 or 6 months old. You can find out from your doctor about this and decide the right foods to start off with. Ideally it is advisable for mothers to breastfeed their infants till they are 5-6 months old at least.

Till the age of 4 months infants have not developed the skill to swallow solid food. You infant is almost ready to be fed semi solid food once he can sit in a stable position without bobbling his head. Also, he needs to be able to sit straight with the help of support of a baby chair. Other than this, also notice if he has doubled his weight from the time of his birth and is showing curiosity for solid food. These signs are sure signifiers that you can now consider introducing solid food to your little one's diet.