Whimpering In Sleep

Whimpering In Sleep
10m to 1y
  • Your baby whimpering in sleep is common and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Increase in day to day activities and learning new things cause such acts in sleep. Keep a watch on his whimpers and you will know which needs attention and which one doesn't.
  • Around this age, your baby needs about 11 hours of sleep at a stretch in the night.  A soothing bedtime routine where he has had his food, worn his sleep dress, reading out a story or singing a lullaby will give him the message that it is time to sleep and there are better chances he may sleep through the night.
  • However, inspite of taking care of his basic needs , you may observe him calling out or crying, whimpering in the middle of the night. There can be many reasons like separation anxiety, a nightmare(your baby is exploring his inside and outside world, so exposed to many changes), etc.
  • In these situations, just give a soothing pat on his back and tell him he has to fall back to sleep. You would be surprised to know that though he dosesn't understand sentences well, he can surely understand you by your gestures and tone. Give the needed assurance and avoid talking more. By being firm and consistent, your baby will eventually learn that he has to sleep.