White Noise For Your Baby's Sleep

White Noise For Your Baby's Sleep
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White noise is a familiar noise that keeps your baby calm and helps him to go off to sleep easily. Your little one is generally used to loud sound of blood rushing through the placenta, it is quite noisy as compared to the surrounding noise. The sound that he hears inside your womb is very similar to the sound of a fan, a washing-machine, a vacuum cleaner or running water. White noise actually helps your baby to sleep as it resembles the sound he used to hear.

Anything that is loud is normal to your baby and white noise feels like home. You, as a parent always want a quiet atmosphere for your little one as you feel he may get disturbed by the noise. But it is completely the opposite as white noise creates a safe room for him by blocking out all the stimulation. So whenever your baby is at sleep or feeling cranky, all you have to do is switch on the fan, etc. to make him fall asleep and feel at complete peace at the same time.