Why Does Your Baby Have Disturbed Sleep?

Why Does Your Baby Have Disturbed Sleep?
9m to 1y
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Your baby may have disturbed sleep due to various reasons. Before you put him to sleep you have to keep some things in mind to ensure he sleeps peacefully. 

1. Check the room temperature while putting your baby to sleep. Make sure that the temperature is soothing to him so that he doesn't feel uncomfortable at night. 

2. Ensure that your baby is well fed before putting him to sleep, if he isn't fed well, he may get up crying in the middle of the night. 

3. Occasionally, check his diaper to make sure that it isn't wet, to prevent him for waking up. 

4. Speak to your doctor if you feel there is something more to it that doesn't let your little angel sleep well at night. 

Even when your child grows up, in order for him to have a sound sleep, certain things always need to be checked. This includes, his diet, his habit of watching TV before sleep, etc. What one eats before going to bed has a big role to play when it comes to having a good sleep, and same goes with habits you have right before your sleep schedule.