Why Is Your little One's Nose Always Stuffy?

Why Is Your little One's Nose Always Stuffy?
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Here are some reasons why your little one’s nose could be stuffy

1. Foetuses float in amniotic fluid, and times this fluid gets into their nasal passages which may cause congestion.

2. The breathing pattern of newborns is not regular. Instead, they commonly take shallow breaths followed by pauses and deeper inspirations. It may appear nasal congestion in many ways.

3. Your kid might have little swelling in the nasal passage because of the milk that gets stuck in the nasal passage while spiting. This causes nasal stuffiness. 

4. Your baby cannot sniff or sneeze. So he cannot relieve his stuffiness, give him some time.

5. Cold mucus is another reason for nasal congestion.

However, If your little one fails to feed properly, or is cranky, please see the doctor pronto.