Why You Shouldn't Be Overdressing Your Baby?

Why You Shouldn't Be Overdressing Your Baby?
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Most of the times you unknowingly overdress your baby that might lead to development of fever and redness on his body. Keep your baby dressed in comfortable clothing that is soft and your baby can breathe properly as his own heat should circulate well from the body to outside. If you see that your baby’s head and neck is damp, then this means that your baby is overdressed. Remove some clothes and let him feel comfortable and normal at the room temperature.

It is natural for a mother to over dress their infant since a new born is very sensitive to the external weather after coming out from the warmth of a mother’s womb. It is normal tendency to believe that the child will feel colder than normal adults. However, with time the infant adjusts to the weather and over-dressing them can only lead to them becoming very uncomfortable. An infant’s skin is extremely soft and prone to rashes so it must be kept in mind that the clothes used to dress your infant are friendly to their soft skin.