Wise Way Of Avoiding Rashes In Your Baby

Wise Way Of Avoiding Rashes In Your Baby
Baby Care
  • As you know by now, your little one's skin is way more delicate than adults' and hence, is prone to rashes and infection. But don't worry because your baby is not the only one. Rashes and fungal infection are most common problem now a days and to avoid this, minimise the use of diapers. 
  • Also, nappy creams too are quite harmful for your child. Always keep that area dry and use cotton nappies. With the advancement of science we have found new and convenient ways of raising kids and making the process hassle free for the parents.
  • However, there are no free lunches in life. These conveniences often come at a price. Using diapers constantly makes the area damp and prone to many fungal infections. Parents are often advised to only use diapers when heading out with the baby and changing nappies may not be possible.
  • However, when you are at home, ensure that your baby is dressed in the simplest of handmade cotton diapers so as to keep the area dry and rash free. Use baby powders as far as possible, the nappy creams only add to the moisture which is the major cause of rashes and infection.
  • Diapers if worn by the baby for a long time become a store house for germs and infections. It is best to keep their use to the minimum. You must ensure that you do not sacrifice the health and hygiene of your child for the sake of convenience as it may cause severe problems in the long run.