Your Baby Not Spoiled If You Pick Him When Crying

Your Baby  Not Spoiled  If You Pick Him When Crying
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''If you keep picking up your baby everytime he cries, you’re going to spoil him,'' this is a common advice generally given by most experienced family member to a new mom. But the fact is just the opposite. The truth is, it’s impossible to spoil a newborn. Your child has just come into this beautiful world and is so small to get spoilt. By being responsive to his crying, you are letting him know that he is loved and cared for. It instills the sense of trust, comfort and security in him.

1. Your newborn is crying because he has a good reason for it, he is crying to communicate his needs - he is hungry, wet or dirty, or he simply needs a hug. Listen to your heart and respond to his crying, complete those needs. This won’t spoil him instead will teach him to be more confident and independent in long run.

2. Your little munchkin is too small to manipulate you. Right now, he is not smart enough to take advantage of his tears. He is crying for his needs. The quickly you respond to your infant’s cries, the quickly he will be relaxed and happy. This notion will not spoil him at such young age, instead it will help him develop a healthy bond with you.

3. Ask other family members also to listen to his cries. This will help him develop the healthy bond with others too and not getting totally dependent on you. Also, with the growth spurt, his cries will start changing and they may not for the same things as his needs. That will be the time when you need to set the limit of picking him up and teach him discipline.