Your Little One Will Seek Your Approval

Your Little One Will Seek Your Approval

Your baby accepts you as the guardian and wants to seek approval from you in many ways.

  • It could be a look, a touch or just a simple yes/no. Remember that your baby is also reading your body language constantly, so be aware of what cues you are giving him/her.
  • For your little one, your voice, smile and touch is very reassuring and comforting. He can distinguish between tones of voice, which can be either approval or displeasure. 
  • For instance, if he is about to put a pen in his mouth, you will say “No! Don't put it in your mouth!”. He gets the message OR if he has made a tower using 2 blocks, he will look upto you for your approval. 
  • If you smile and clap at his accomplishment, he will tend to repeat the activity knowing that you are happy with him. 

Even though your baby can’t talk now, yet something marvellous is happening. Both of you are learning to trust and understand each other. It is a newly formed bond. He observes your smile, senses the positive tone in your voice and experiences your touch, hug, kiss on several occasions where he tries to seek your approval.