5 Tricks For Helping Your Little One Stop Thumb-Sucking

5 Tricks For Helping Your Little One Stop Thumb-Sucking
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Thumb sucking is pretty common not just in little ones, but even many kids as they grow old find it difficult to let go of this habit. Here's what you can do:

Set reward: Arrange a reward-based game. Hang a calendar on a wall. Tell your toddler that you will mark each day when he will not suck his thumb and reward him with cartoon stickers on that day. If he quits thumb-sucking for one month, you will reward him with a big chocolate box.

Apply unpleasant tasting liquid: Put some safe yet unpleasant tasting liquid on your child's thumb to prevent him from sucking it.

Divert your kid’s attention: When your kid puts his thumb in his mouth, divert his attention to some interesting fun activities, toys, or cartoons. Keep him distracted.

Explain side-effects: Explain your kid the side-effects of thumb-sucking. Tell him that his thumb may swell or get infected by continuous sucking.

Let your toddler learn it’s embarrassing: If none of your efforts works out, let your child learn how embarrassing it is to suck the thumb. Let his friends at school mock at him as he sucks his thumb. Soon your toddler will stop it.