A Healthy Habit - Your Kid Must Have For Bedtime

A Healthy Habit - Your Kid Must Have For Bedtime
5y to 6y

Healthy bed time manners are important for your child to have a good night's rest and be ready for the next day’s activities. Among these, the need for your child to maintain healthy hygiene habits ranks as one of the most important things that your child must do before hitting the sack. Here are some of the things that you can encourage your little one to practice

1. Brushing the teeth helps in maintaining great oral hygiene by clearing out the remnants of dinner in in his mouth. This practice ensures that the food remnants do not fester in his mouth, giving a chance for the bacteria in his mouth to act on them and damage your little one’s gums and teeth, thus making it a healthy habit to encourage in your child.

2. Encourage your little one to empty his bladder and bowels before he sleeps. Of course, this should precede spacing your child’s bed time at least 30-45 minutes after dinner. This allows time for the food that your little one eats to be adequately digested before he hits the bed. This makes sure that your child avoids incidents such as bed wetting or soiling of bed spreads and makes for a relieving experience before hitting the bed.

3. Having a bit of play time and story telling before going to bed also is a healthy habit to inculcate in your little one. This ensures that your child doesn’t experience things like indigestion or a bloating feeling in the stomach, ensuring a peaceful and happy nap time for your child.

4. Keep in mind to not let your child be over exerted or exhausted before going to bed. Sore muscles and aching joints are not a pleasant feeling to sleep into!