A Must Taught Instinct For Your 5 Year Old

A Must Taught Instinct For Your 5 Year Old

As your child grows up, there are some things that are to be taught so he takes care of himself at all times. There is his own instinct, which is limited to his awareness, but there are a few aspects that are to be imposed on your child. These things help him become a self-reliant individual in the longer run.

1. Tell your child all about safety. This can start right at home, from the very basic safety instructions like staying away from the fire, not putting fingers into the electric socket. Teach your child all about road safety, how he should cross the road at the zebra crossing, about traffic lights.

2. Cleanliness is another important instinct your child should possess. Make it a habit that your child brushes his teeth and showers every day. Show him ways to keep himself clean so that he can do it without any help. He should also be aware of how he should clean up after himself and his surroundings.

3. Good touch and bad touch. Introduce this concept to your child so that he knows the difference between the same. Let him know that he should tell you if someone touches his privates. Ask him not to allow any strangers to come close to him.

4. Teach your child what to do at an emergency. Let him get used to a safety drill. Keep a few important phone numbers at his reach and teach him how to use a phone so that he can call someone for help if there arises such a situation.

5. Let him know about his allergies. Instruct him not to eat the foods that cause a reaction in his body.