A Zoo Visit Helps In Curbing Animal Fear

A Zoo Visit Helps In Curbing Animal Fear

It is very normal for all children to have specific fears at some point in their childhood. You might have taught your child to be fearful and cautious of specific animals in their early childhood. In these instances, anxiety can be useful because it protects your child from harm. But sometimes, your child’s fear get triggered more and turned into phobia. He can often connect some scary explanations for animals he is scared of. Right now, your child finds difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality, a book or movie about animals might lead to worry that a simple dog will turn into wolf and will eat him. It’s necessary to help your child getting out of this fear.

Here are few tips to curb animal fear in your child.

1. Try introducing your child to the animal, she fears of, without any pressure to get close to it. Like a neighbour’s pet can be friends’ with your child.

2. Read out the positive stories about animals for her followed by a zoo visit to ensure your kid that animals are not harmful if loved.

3. Introduce the stuffed animal and role playing with it at home. Keep the animal’s role positive in such cases. Now, insist your child to experience the stuffed animal in reality. Take him to zoo and ask her to feed the animal. This will create another love bond between the two.

4. A regular zoo visit is an excellent way to curb animal fear in your child. Such visits will allow your child to watch animals from close quarters. The moment your little one sees that these creatures are harmless, the fear will automatically flush away.