Address Your Kid's Apprehension Instead Of Dismissing Them

Address Your Kid's Apprehension Instead Of Dismissing Them
  • At this stage, your little one may harbor some apprehension inside her. Do not just brush off the child’s concerns with a mere statement that ‘This is nothing. It will be fine.’ Try to understand your child’s fears and talk to her about these fears. Try to calm the child with reassurance and praises while she wakes up every morning and let her know the importance of starting every new day on a positive note. 
  • Most often, children have their fair share of concerns about trying new stuff or visiting new places. As their parent, you are the only people she will feel comfortable in approaching. It is important that you let your child talk about these concerns, no matter how silly they may sound to you.
  • Let your child speak her mind and then try to reason with her, while assuring her that her concerns are nothing to be afraid of. Remember to be calm and easy while reassuring them as they might not take your reassurances calmly.
  • When your child shares her concerns with you, listen and watch her closely. Be attentive so your child understands that you are, a lot. She might be telling you about some bad happening that occurred with her as well. Never ward off your child’s words as silly before you listen to them properly.