Allow Him To Be A Decision Maker

Allow Him To Be A Decision Maker

One of the best ways of going about imbibing the quality of decision making in your child at this stage is to allow your little one to participate in small and general discussions. Allow your child to speak and voice his feelings. Also, where there is any scope, ask him to decide siting all the pros and cons. This will make him feel responsible and wanted in the family.

Also, a child’s opinion matters in general too. Because he is after all a member of the family no matter how much ever small he is. Along with that, avoid rebuking your child if he comes up with something that is irrational and insensible. Remember the fact that he has come up with the best he can, that too all by himself and if he is rebuked, his confidence will take a huge beating. So, hang in there, allow your child’s opinion and allow his participation in family matters. You will end up raising a responsible and independent kid.