Allow Your Child To Eat Food By Himself

Allow Your Child To Eat Food By Himself
  • Your child at this stage is ready to embrace some independence and the first thing can be beginning it eat food by himself. Children should be made independent at a very young age. They shouldn’t be dependent on their parents for doing daily chores, like eating food. 
  • Sit with your little one and help him in this endeavor. Be patient enough to repeat your instructions. No matter how long your child takes, let him do it by himself.
  • Once your child has reached a phase where he can walk on his feet properly without any need of support, it is time to teach him how to do the basic things on his own. For instance, eating food with his own hands. Sit with him so as to not make him feel all alone in this, but make it very clear that you are simply there to guide and not to do his work for him. 
  • With a soft but stern stand, show him how to hold his spoon, lift his food and put it in his mouth without spilling. The first few times you may have to use your hands to support his as he learns balance and movement. After a few times, let him do it on his own and just be there to ensure he is doing it right.
  • If you keep helping the little one always, he will always find an excuse to seek help so make it very clear to him by your acts and words that you are simply there to guide, the efforts have to be his. This develops a sense of self dependence in him which is crucial.