Always Keep Some Extra Time In Hand When Scheduling Anything For Your Kid

Always Keep Some Extra Time In Hand When Scheduling Anything For Your Kid

From the day you have turned into a parent, the first thing you must have heard would be establishing a routine for your child. As a parent, when you set up a time table for your kid, it is advisable to keep couple of extra minutes in hand when planning with your little one since there will be times when she would end up being late even after trying her best.

Few tips which might help you in setting up a schedule for your little munchkin:

1. Encourage her to be Independent: A proper schedule for your child will motivates her to take initiatives on her own and starts practicing the routine tasks on her own. It will also inculcate the habit of being in discipline.

2. She will be a complete mess in the beginning: When your kid starts to support you in your daily routine, she will take long to finish the activity or it will turn out to be a complete mess. Don't scold them, scolding will discourage her, rather encourage her so that she lines it up in time.

3. Be consistent but not rigid: Life is unpredictable, so it is very important to have a flexible routine. It is the best way to help her adjust to an occasional bump in the road and still being relaxed and calmed.

4. Encourage her for the efforts put in: Praise your little princess for her efforts; it will motivate her to even try harder. It also boosts their self esteem.