Answer Your Child's Queries Effectively

Answer Your Child's Queries Effectively
3y to 4y

At this age, your child will be extremely curious and will probably taunt you with an array on infinite number of questions. It can really tire you, but it is vital that you answer her questions as and when she asks you so you satisfy her curiosity.

1. Engage your child in conversations on a daily basis. This helps spark up her curiosity. As you talk about something, ask her simple questions so she easily answers them. This will help motivate her to ask you a few questions.

2. Be patient with your child. It can be exhausting for you to answer each and every question shot your way, but remember that you are helping her become aware of a lot of things around her. This phase is actually a developmental milestone as it shows that her mind is active and she is able to think.

3. Ask you begin to answer each of her questions, you are also stimulating her creative thinking and imagination. This is again a sign of healthy mind. She will be able to imagine most of what is familiar to her as you tell her more and more.

4. Let your child look at pictures as you read a story to her. This will help her visualize whatever you are narrating and will make her all the more curious. More questions coming your way!

5. Never lie to her when she asks you something. For example, if she asks you what color the book is and you reply saying red when it is actually blue, you are letting her firmly believe that red is blue. This will create a lot of confusion with respect to her learning later on.