Apologize To Your Child- Admit Your Mistake

Apologize To Your Child- Admit Your Mistake

Now your child is interacting regularly with many people, which is adding to his social and emotional development. With so many things to do in your schedule, in the process of expecting the desired behaviour from your child, you may lose your cool and blurt out something like, “You will never learn!" or “You are very lazy."

Such statements on a continual basis leave a bad impression on your child’s mind and diminish his self esteem. Once you are calm, you realize it was wrong to utter such words, and you may feel really bad. The best way to deal with such a situation is to admit your mistake and apologize to your child. Tell him, "I am sorry about the mean thing I said to you." This will make him realize that his feelings matter to the people who are most important in his life. Also you feel good because you are trying to make things right again. Learn from your mistakes and move on.