Applaud Every Little Thing Your Kid Does By Themselves

Applaud Every Little Thing Your Kid Does By Themselves

Words of praise and compliments help to develop self-confidence in your kid. The most motivating compliments for your kid is recognising and applauding his work.

1. Appreciate sincerely and honestly: When your kid has done a good work, immediately look him in the eye and choose the right words wisely to praise him to boost his morale.

2. Right or wrong: Appreciation helps your kid get a sense of right from wrong. He understands his work is right and therefore he is praised.

3. Good behaviour: When he behaves good in a dinner party, appreciate him for his good behaviour and assure him he will enjoy more outings.

4. Praise for small deeds too: Take every opportunity available during the day to praise your kid whenever he does something on his own, however small it may be. When your son puts on his shirt by himself or puts his toys in the proper place, point out how he did it all by himself and applaud him.

5. Avoid comparison praise: Never develop the habit of praising by comparison. It may motivate to perform better or sometimes backfire when the goal is not achieved.

6. Avoid over praise: Your kid will expect appreciation every time when he does something and in absence he would believe, it is a failure.

7. Not mere verbal praise: Do not restrict to appreciate only verbally. Sometimes reward him in kind. Treat him with an ice-cream or his favourite toy. Ensure that he will not expect these kind of rewards always.