Applaud Your Kids' Efforts Regularly To Strengthen Their Morale

Applaud Your Kids' Efforts Regularly To Strengthen Their Morale

1. Sometimes we tend to forget to appreciate and acknowledge our children when they do something right. Appreciation helps develop self-confidence and boost their morale. A simple "well done!" even for a simple task like putting the books back on the shelf works wonders for your child's self-esteem.

2. Appreciation develops the sense of right and wrong in your child. When you praise your child for something he has done, he understands that it’s the right thing to do or right way to do it. Praising your kid’s efforts also prevents your child from feeling neglected. Appreciation is the best way of giving your child attention, something that they want continuously. Be very vocal about it but don’t go overboard. Also, try to be more specific when appreciating rather than giving vague remarks. Remember that you must appreciate the effort, not the goal. This will make your kid realise the importance of process and participation rather than winning or losing.

3. Always reward good behaviour. Every once in a while, give your child a small treat when he achieves something important. Young kids have a hard time distinguishing between who they are and what they do. Therefore, always praise that specific action or behaviour. Instead of saying “You were good in the restaurant,” say “You were very calm and polite at the restaurant.” This helps toddlers and preschoolers understand the behaviour that earned them praise or a compliment. Pointing out their little successes and their good behaviour helps in reinforcing them.