Appreciate When Your Child Shares

Appreciate When Your Child Shares

There are certain things that your child gains through appreciation. Appreciation and acknowledgement in abundance. There are several things that you may teach and still the child may not be able to wrap his brain around it. So, in such cases it is your appreciation that does the trick.

For example, sharing. It is a known fact that sharing is one of greatest virtues of all types. It is absolutely important for your child to learn sharing and caring. And at times no matter how much you try to tell or teach him, he doesn’t do it. He doesn’t share his things with anyone. He keeps it with himself and refuses to lend under any given circumstance. In such cases, just leave the child there. Don’t push him, and rather have acts of sharing around him.

Let him learn from you. And the moment you see him doing it any bit, just hold him high. Appreciate him with all the possible good words. Tell him that how wonderful is the fact that he is sharing his stuff with others. And how proud you are about the whole thing. This will make your child see things in new light and also make him believe that he has indeed done something good and needs to do it again and again. Slowly, sharing will become a way of his life.