Ask The Right Questions During Parents-Teachers Meet

Ask The Right Questions During Parents-Teachers Meet
4y to 5y

Your child at this stage is scrutinized by other people too, such as, his teachers, and hence when there's a parents-teachers meet (PTM) at school, you should be prepared for some insights about your child's development outside the safe haven that is your house.

During your child’s PTM, make sure you ask the teacher if there are any academic issues with your child that you are not aware of. Find out if the learning and development are at the right stage as per the age of your child. Ask which subject your child is weakest in and what are the ways to improve it. Also, during the PTM it is important to maintain a positive attitude especially if your child is accompanying you.

You must remember the fact that children also have self respect and feel insulted with the way people behave with them. So, during your discussion with the teacher, ensure that you never demean your child. Even if the teacher speaks ill, you must keep your composure in front of the teacher and behave normally. Any kind of reprimanding can hamper the child’s confidence in a negative way. Also, it is important to hear out your child’s side of the story. While teachers are to be respected, it is also necessary that the child's views and opinions are heard with attention. This builds faith, breeds a cohesive relationship between the child and the parents and most importantly, doesn’t tarnish the child’s confidence even in the most adverse situations.