Assisting A Kinesthetic Learner

Assisting A Kinesthetic Learner
6 to 7 years tip

It is important to understand the fact that Kinesthetic learning is different from the usual way of learning that most kids adhere to. While in a traditional scenario a child is more prone to having books and other material at hand and sitting at one place and studying, with kinesthetic learning it is a tad different and in many ways needs a different approach.

Kinesthetic learning involves a lot of hands on activity. And so, your child will be more active and on the go. He may also show signs of restlessness as he will be juggling from one form to the other. As a parent, you need to understand your child’s mental and emotional frame and how things are with him. Equating his ways with others might result in a disaster. The main point here is to have patience and go with the way your child needs to. Allow him time to adapt to the process and give him all the support that he needs. Kinesthetic is actually a very interesting process of learning. Just that it needs focus, patience and an aptitude to make the best use of it. So, encourage your child, involve yourself as much as possible and have tons of patience so that he can learn and enjoy the process, at the same time.