Avoid All Distractions During Family Dinner Time

Avoid All Distractions During Family Dinner Time

Your child as an individual can get easily distracted at this point of time. Irrespective of whether your kid is a fussy eater or loves her food, it is a good idea to encourage eating together with the family from a very young age. Eating with the family helps inculcate good eating habits in your little one and also enhances family bonding.

Make it a rule that meal times should be time spent only with the family. Turn off the TV and remove all distractions like phones or gadgets during meal times. Have everything ready on the table before sitting down.

If your child is a fussy eater or takes too long to finish her food, then you can give her some food in advance, and let her have dessert with the family. Slowly start giving her little amounts of food to nibble on while the family is eating. In time, she will start eating her entire meal with everybody else.