Avoid Continuous TV Watching

Avoid Continuous TV Watching

Setting the limits of television viewing of your child is mandatory. Kids do often watch TV and urge to watch it more. However, you as a parent should understand the fact that it is going to spoil your child’s mind, eyes and physical development. Start setting the limits for screen viewing and provide fun alternatives to your kid to enjoy.

1. Set limit on yourself first. Leave the screen and take out some gadget free time. Plan a date with your child and gift him a toy.

2. Often call other kids for a playdate. Your child will have fun time with other kids and ask you to arrange such playdates more. It will give him less time to think about TV.

3. Instead of showing digital educational programme, play the audio programme on your phone or speakers. It will help your child improve his concentration and comprehension skills. Few parents think that television viewing would improve their child’s vocabulary but it might also work the other way round. The shows your child is watching at this age have baby talks and language, which could often lead to a similar kind of speech pattern in your child, which would be a problem later on.

4. As the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind,” keep screens out of your child’s sight. Keep your television cabinet closed or install your television in another room where your child is less likely to go.

5. Make art supplies available to your child at a place that's accessible to him. Get him engaged with the new artworks. Sit down together and do creative activities. Draw different images to arouse your child’s interest in art.

6. Read books for your child. Play board games along with your child.