Avoid Soda Laced Drinks

Avoid Soda Laced Drinks
Health & Nutrition

It is the high time when you should make an extra effort to keep your child away from soda-laced drinks. Children who are more into drinking such drinks are less likely to get recommended levels of Vitamin A, calcium and other important nutrients.

Try these tips to help your child stop drinking soda-laced drinks.

1. Keep your refrigerator stocked with fresh fruit juice and other healthy beverages for your kid. When there is no soda drink in front of him, he will stop drinking the same at home.

2. Be a good example for your kid. Do not consume soda drinks, which would motivate your child to prefer such a beverage.

3. Prepare a diet chart for your child, which has to be followed.

4. Encourage your child to drink milk or milk-based beverages. Be a part of it to motivate your child. Soda suppresses the appetite and refrains children from eating nutritious food. So, avoid it.

5. Train your child’s brain to avoid soda laced drinks. ''Out of sight, out of mind'' will be best strategy to train your kid against soda-laced drinks.

6. Explain your child the worst effects of drinking soda. Tell him, soda-laced drinks do not add any nutritional value to his body. Show him the study, that there is a strong link between soda laced drinks consumption and childhood obesity, tooth decay and diabetes. Also, the consumption of sugary soda leads to depletion of bones. Take the help of his teacher to explain the same.