Avoid Unhealthy Sugary and Fatty Foods

Avoid Unhealthy Sugary and Fatty Foods
Health & Nutrition
  • Your child from this stage needs to have healthy eating habits, and if that is not implemented, he will become more adament with foods in the months to come. Avoid giving your child foods involcing cream, chocolate, crisps, sweets, as well as oily foods and sugary drinks, all of which provide lots of energy but very few nutrients. 
  • Try to avoid low nutrient food. Stick to regular meal times and avoid giving your child food in between meals. If the little one gets really hungry, offer a piece of fruit. It is very important to form healthy habits from the very beginning.
  • Often we are tempted to offer sugary snacks or junk food to kids in order to keep them quiet or distracted. This may keep them occupied for a while but aids in forming a habit of seeking such sugar rich foods which create sugar rush with no essential mineral or vitamin contribution to the body.
  • Further, once your child gets a taste of these snacks he will not prefer the food that is essential for him as he will look for similar taste and then it will be hard to train him into eating healthy.
  • In order to avoid these hassles it is best to keep them away from such casual snacks as much as possible and in case they feel hungry between meals let them have fruits or dry fruits to munch on. These things will satiate his hunger and provide him with nutrients at the same time.