Avoiding Choking Hazards While Eating

Avoiding Choking Hazards While Eating
Eating Habit

At this age, your child is interested in eating anything that he could lay his hands on. Small, hard foods, slippery foods and sticky foods can block the air passage, cutting off a child's supply of oxygen causing choking. Make sure you refrain from giving food to your child that may choke him.

1. Insist that you child sits to eat or drink. Also emphasize that he chews properly. Ensure that your child is not eating while walking, playing, running or watching television, or doing anything else that might distract him from his meal.

2. Deseed all those fruits that have big or small seeds in them. Cut the fruits in bite size and not big chunks.

3. Even though your kid is becoming more proficient at chewing and swallowing, you must take precaution while giving following foods:

a. Hard or crunchy foods: Nuts, popcorn, and pretzels are all choking hazards, as are all hard candies and cough drops.

b. Sticky foods: Chewing gum, jelly or gummy candies, dried fruits and marshmallows – can get stuck in your child's throat.

c. Nutbutters: Peanut butter and any other nut butters can be difficult to swallow because of their thick consistency and can become choking hazard. Instead of serving them on a spoon, spread the nut butter thinly on bread or crackers. If serving on a spoon then thin it with water, applesauce or yoghurt. Avoid serving them on a spoon. Always prefer to buy smooth butters rather thank crunchy or nutty ones.

d. Packed Chips or Nachos: Kids are always in a hurry to finish their snack so they can get back to play quickly. In such a case, avoid giving any sort of chips or nachos to them. These deep fried chips don’t melt in the mouth. If your kid tries to swallow them without chewing then they may cause choking.