Be Accepting Of Others' Beliefs While Maintaining Your Own

Be Accepting Of Others' Beliefs While Maintaining Your Own

At this stage you should know that your child’s friends may belong to different religion, follow different traditions, have varied eating habits, etc. This may be a puzzle for your little one. You can teach your child in simple ways about the different cultures and belief systems present, while maintaining your own beliefs and values. Through books, you can talk about the diverse cultures that are present in our country and how that is also a matter of pride for us. Tell your child to not make any comments or judge his friend’s religion, beliefs, eating habits, etc. It can upset him.

Teach him how to accept this diversity in small little ways. For instance, if he has a Muslim friend, on Eid festival, your child can make a card wishing his friend “Happy Eid.”

Never belittle any religion or their values in front of your child or his friends.Tell him, “Everyone follows their own culture and traditions.”

Educate your child about your own culture and traditions through books and elders in the family.