Be Aware Of What Is Happening At Your Kid's School

Be Aware Of What Is Happening At Your Kid's School

As your child gets slightly older, old enough to begin school, you will begin to feel choked because you no longer get to see her throughout the day. Her going to a new place and meeting new people can really worry you. And it should because that white space of not knowing what she is up to, needs to be filled. Here is how you can keep tabs.

1. Before you enroll your child in a particular school, find out all you can about the school. Get a good idea of the kind of teachers, the kids and the environment the school has to offer.

2. Talk to your child every single day about what happened at school. Ask suggestive questions such that she will not miss out on anything as she talks about her day. This will help keep you updated quite a bit.

3. Ask her about her friends. Find out if the company at school is warm and comforting. You need to know if she is being picked on or if her friends are not very accepting of her. This can really hurt her feelings.

4. Attend as many parent teacher meetings possible. This will give you a broader understanding of her activities at school. Apart from her social behavior, you can also keep tabs on her academics this way.

5. Encourage her to participate in extra curricular activities. Let her take part in school plays and other activities. Make sure to be present at all of those.

6. Talk about homework. Help her with her learning and homework. This will keep you updated with all you need to know about her school life.