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Be Aware Of Your Own Behaviour In Front Of Your Kid

Be Aware Of Your Own Behaviour In Front Of Your Kid
5 to 6 years tip

Your child at this stage observes more intently than you think. Kids are keen observers by default, perhaps much more keener than as parents we perceive. They notice what is a blink and miss for us. So, if your child suddenly comes up with something least expected, don’t be surprised. Rather, get where is he drawing all the info from.

Here, as a parent your role is enormous. Your child’s first influencer is you. Your child watches you more closely than anyone else in his life. He is more interested in seeing what his parents are doing and talking than anyone else. And with this, he is drawing the good and of course the bad too. Your actions are examples for your child, and at this age your little one is highly receptive. So, watch out on your ways because there is someone who looks upto you for everything in life.