Be Clear and Maintain Consistency While Disciplining Your Child

Be Clear and Maintain Consistency While Disciplining Your Child

Discipline is the foundation for a successful life and as a parent, it is very important to teach discipline to your kids when they are very young. You are your child's role model, and a little control in his life will help him have a smooth sailing life ahead with appreciation received by all. Children are capable of running away from activities by making cute faces or throwing tantrums, hence, consistency becomes very important.

1. Teach your child to clean up his toys and books after his playtime or reading. Make it a daily activity. Let him understand that if he throws around his toys, he needs to clean up the mess by himself. Do not budge, if he doesn’t do it. At the same time, appreciate once he completes his activity. It will help him in becoming responsible.

2. Teach him hygiene and cleanliness. He needs to follow the basic hygiene habits like brushing, washing hands before eating, after playing, using the bathroom, etc. Do not allow any excuses if he doesn’t do. To make it a habit, consistency in discipline is very important.

3. Always appreciate and give positive feedback to your child. It will motivate him to do well. Assist him whenever he needs help for difficult tasks.

4. Always time it right, do not expect your child to help you for setting a table when he is enjoying playing. Have a structure and planned, scheduled routine, and he will enjoy and learn quickly too. Tell your child it cannot be always play time or TV time. A lot of patience and consistency is the key.